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What if… We Had Graduate Profiles for Elementary and Middle School?

July 10, 2018 by

There is more and more attention to the development of high school graduate profiles at the district and state level, which are providing a much more well-rounded idea of what we want for students upon graduation beyond a number of credits. These profiles, such as the one from South Carolina highlighted here, include academic knowledge and a range of different skills. At CompetencyWorks, we think of them in three buckets: academic knowledge; transferable skills needed to apply academic knowledge; and lifelong learning skills that include those important building blocks of learning such as self-regulation, metacognition, growth mindset, and perseverance. (See Levers and Logic Models page 16.)

But how are those graduate profiles being translated into middle and elementary schools? How do we know that students are progressing in ways and at a pace that results in their meeting career and college ready? (more…)

The Rhetoric and the Reality of Student Outcomes in Competency-Based Schools

June 25, 2018 by

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The exploration of the rhetoric and the reality of student outcomes is a fascinating topic. We use the rhetoric of “college and career ready,” but few states and districts have actually taken the time to clarify what that means, how they will know if students reach it, and actually updated their graduation requirements to reflect it. Thus, we have a gap between the rhetoric and the reality of what we expect for our students. (more…)

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