What We Do

“Students have been locked down by the concept of seat-time and locked out of the technological revolution that has transformed nearly every sector of American society, except for education.”
Jim Shelton,
Assistant Deputy,
Secretary of Education

Advancing Competency-Based Education

Across our country, schools, districts and states are investing in innovations that re-design our education system around competency education. Rejecting the time-based system that reproduces inequities and low achievement, these innovators are designing a system in which student success is the only option. This is no easy task and we need to make sure we are learning from each other as much as possible.

CompetencyWorks is an online resource to provide information and knowledge about competency-based education through a website, a blog filled with practitioner knowledge and policy advancements, and a wiki to make it easy to get examples of materials. CompetencyWorks provides resources for new innovators and early adopters so that they can rapidly learn about lessons learned and different approaches to inform their work.

Our Role

The real work to advance competency-based education is happening in communities and state capitols. CompetencyWorks will provide a virtual space to share your best practices, contribute to thinking through tough issues, review different state policies, and learn about new resources and research.

CompetencyWorks will provide the following mechanisms for sharing knowledge:

  • The CompetencyWorks Blog will focus on learning from the cutting edge of competency-based education innovations. The blog is for you — so let us know what you want to know about. Better yet, we want it to be a place where innovators can learn about each other. So please consider contributing to the blog and commenting frequently. We are always looking for innovators to share their knowledge.
  • Competency-Based Pathways Wiki will be a place that we can make your planning tools, samples of how you communicate with communities and parents, videos of training with staff, or examples of legislation available to others. We know that a lot of your work will always be “a work in progress,” so we need a place we can share these tools.
  • will make it easy for you to check in just once a month. We’ll send you highlights so you can use your time wisely in reading the blog or looking for resources on the wiki.
  • Briefing Papers will be developed on important issues that are shared by many of the districts and schools trying to transform their classrooms into competency education or tough issues challenging state policymakers. After the release of each briefing paper we’ll organize a webinar as well.
  • by creating a large database of people who are involved and interested in advancing competency-based education. We encourage you and your staff, board members, and community partners to sign up for our newsletter so we can tell you about important events and new resources. It’s just as important for us to demonstrate public will by letting people know that there is a rapidly growing network of people in every state who want to see all students being successful in school.
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